The Wisdom of Not-Knowing.

I do not bullshit, nor offer false hope or pretty solutions. I do not sell, nor offer convincing arguments or regurgitate the pap written in books. I am not spiritual, fluffy, or optimistic. I do not engage to be liked, nor to be paid. What power I have is rooted in presence, experience and the courage of not-knowing.

When walking into a new building, meeting a new person, or engaging a complex system, I draw attention to the obvious. Experts, because of their specialisms, become lost in overwhelming detail. They forget the obvious, the simple, the essential. I name what I see, and I see simply and presently, even if we are dealing with complex issues beyond our individual mind's capacity to compute.

Meet an equal. Though you may have position, I give you the positionless complement. As a mirror, I reflect the social space. What you see there will test your thinking, your perception, your sense. What you do as a result, is up to you.

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