The Wisdom Between Us.

You have position, I have not. You have possession, I have not. You have money, I have not. I do not wish for position, possession or money. In our differential is power. Rare are those who realise the power between us. Harnessing it, putting it to action, is the challenge that will benefit you and your organisation.

We live in challenging times. I embody the changes necessary, as do you. Between us, we embody the power to change the entire course of history, from how we conduct business, govern ourselves collectively, to how we further science and influence culture. The deeper we go between us, the higher the degree of social change, the greater the rate of moneyflow.

Let us engage for an hour. If you value my simplicity, at whatever level of system you wish to engage, we will realise the potential between us. Otherwise we will not. Simple.

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