Leaders. Wisdom. Challenge.

Inviting me to a conversation, is to invite challenge. It is not a personal thing. It is a consequence of where I am. In contrast, you have your own position. Whatever position you hold in business, science, sport, music, education, governance, you got there through your own competences, your own efforts, your own motivation to seek excellence, and ensure the job gets done.

I was unconditionally accepted to study pure maths at Oxford, though studied Social Anthropology at Edinburgh, then took teaching mathematics in mainstream schools as my fieldwork. I come from the future in the sense I have engaged the social body of hearts and minds of adults-to-be. I am a post-modern journeyman. I operate a different methodology. I live a free calendar, immersed in network not institution, I live comfortably in the space of not-knowing, leading through following.

I offer three intensities of paradigm shift that may challenge how you think, what you see, and who you are.

happy sea urchin
generally happy
love the sea
bit spiky
hidden experiences